Hi all / as !!!.First thanks for sharing these minutes reading us / as. If you believe that the event is of interest, please share this with those who consider. Thanks in advance.

You do not miss this great opportunity to meet one of the trumpet players with the greatest of our land, ANDALUSIA. The teacher Mr. Fco Jesús Ruiz Pérez, delight us with a TRUMPET MASTER CLASS for a symbolic price: 10 € !!!. Even they could enjoy up to 50% off. Find discounts or other matter by calling: (+34) 633 38 23 73.

This will be held in the CEM “cellist Ruiz Casaux” San Fernando, Cádiz. Being Friday eve at the weekend, JUNE 17 (and practically summer), sure you will not miss an event like no other. In addition to learn and enjoy the natural master of ZUFRE (Huelva), you could enjoy this beautiful city LION ISLAND, San Fernando.

We leave you a video of SAN FERNANDO for those who do not know this natural paradise. Enter the following link and start using of images savor the flavors, aromas and light of this beautiful land. Let your imagination take …

. For those who do not have even the pleasure of knowing the teacher Fco Jesus, here I leave a link to one of his most recent performances: 2nd Brandenburg concert …

I hope you enjoyed and we can see the next June 17 this year in the CEM “cellist Ruiz Casaux” San Fernando (Cádiz).

Receive a friendly greeting.

Att. José Luis Cueto Gómez

Professor of the Andalusian

Trumpet freelance
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With 46 years working in the music industry worldwide, his knowledge and experience stocks a comprehensive music store, the one stop shop for instrument advice, repairs, new and second-hand sales. Peter's apprenticeships with some of the world's leading craftsmen in Britain, the United States and Canada, have given him a thorough working knowledge of acoustical engineering and instrumental design creating a unique understanding of the instrumental needs of wind musicians. No longer will instrumental connoisseurs have to go to London when choosing and maintaining an instrument, when all their needs can be met in Manchester. A true Artisan, Peter has been fine tuning brass and woodwind instruments for musicians of the leading ensembles and institutions for many years, the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Northern College of Music and Leeds College of Music and passing on his expertise in instrumental academy seminars in Scandinavia and Europe. A UK Brass specialist, Peter's skills have led to a growing demand for his custom range of brass design and parts, trumpets, flugels, cornets, bespoke lead pipes, bells, cork parts and mouthpieces. An exponent of 5 Star spa treatments for trumpets, a Pollard MOT involves deep freeze Cryogenic resonance restoration, ultrasonic cleaning, valve alignment and the application of his own patented valve oil 'Superfly' with a unique cleaning agent to ensure agile acrobatics when playing. 'Superfly' has now been licensed for distribution in the United States and Europe. Peter is the figure driving the sponsorship masterclasses and live music at Band on the Wall attracting stars such as Bobby Shew, Snake Davis, Ian Bousfield, Jigs Wigwam and Peter King, the Comedy Store, Liverpool's the Cavern Club and the Hallé, breath of fresh air for the region's live-music industry
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