Steven Craven.Pollard Trumpets.

When looking to find reliable good quality tools with which we can comfortably work with that suit our needs as professional musicians who work within todays large and complex world, instrument designers and makers in general have not made the choice for the individual instrumentalist easy, this is probably because of the large selection of instruments available on the market today. Prices can be very high in relation to the quality and craftsmenship and depending on where we look to for our instrument the complication of choosing can be often greater than we think and confusion can occur as to whether we really understand the complexities of what has gone into creating such an instrument of high quality.

In My 30 years experience as a trumpeter, I have found that concepts such as sound quality are very important as this for me is the basis of all brass playing. A good sound has to be produced as to which the player has to mould his technique. Depending whether players have a good quality instrument or not the sound quality can differ from instrument to instrument as it can from one particular instrument manufacture to another. For the professional musician these differences are crucial in his work as a performer and can be compared to the fine tuning of today’s formular one race cars where if one tenth of a second can be gained from fine tuning of the engine then that could result in the diferences between first position and second.

I have also found that the concepts of sound texture and colour differ from continent to continent. American trumpeters tend to go for a more brighter sound than do European trumpeters, the latter being of a more warm and dark texture. I have often thought why! The answer is more simple than it seems.The American manufatured designed instruments are of different specifications in bore size, bell dimentions and leadpipe venturi than that of the European designed instruments.

For many years I have been looking for and challenging instrument designers to produce an instrument with a sound quality and response of blow which best suits my needs. The answer for me was in the work of Peter Pollard of Manchester, UK. By incorporating his almost lifetime experiences as a fellow trumpeter and his experimental investigations as a designer and maker, ambos, in parallel to each other. His concepts and second to none craftsmenship has given the trumpet world great quality, ingeniously designed and great performing instruments to fit the needs of the professional musician of today.

‘ I have at last found the feel I have been looking for in a great instrument at a good price and I can recommend to any trumpeter being of a beginners level or at professional level, the instruments of Peter Pollard’.

Steven Craven.


About pollardtrumpets

With 46 years working in the music industry worldwide, his knowledge and experience stocks a comprehensive music store, the one stop shop for instrument advice, repairs, new and second-hand sales. Peter's apprenticeships with some of the world's leading craftsmen in Britain, the United States and Canada, have given him a thorough working knowledge of acoustical engineering and instrumental design creating a unique understanding of the instrumental needs of wind musicians. No longer will instrumental connoisseurs have to go to London when choosing and maintaining an instrument, when all their needs can be met in Manchester. A true Artisan, Peter has been fine tuning brass and woodwind instruments for musicians of the leading ensembles and institutions for many years, the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Northern College of Music and Leeds College of Music and passing on his expertise in instrumental academy seminars in Scandinavia and Europe. A UK Brass specialist, Peter's skills have led to a growing demand for his custom range of brass design and parts, trumpets, flugels, cornets, bespoke lead pipes, bells, cork parts and mouthpieces. An exponent of 5 Star spa treatments for trumpets, a Pollard MOT involves deep freeze Cryogenic resonance restoration, ultrasonic cleaning, valve alignment and the application of his own patented valve oil 'Superfly' with a unique cleaning agent to ensure agile acrobatics when playing. 'Superfly' has now been licensed for distribution in the United States and Europe. Peter is the figure driving the sponsorship masterclasses and live music at Band on the Wall attracting stars such as Bobby Shew, Snake Davis, Ian Bousfield, Jigs Wigwam and Peter King, the Comedy Store, Liverpool's the Cavern Club and the Hallé, breath of fresh air for the region's live-music industry
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