Ordering information, terms and conditions of a Pollard Custom Trumpet


The process for placing a firm order is as follows-

– specifications and price are agreed by email, letter or personal communication;

 – the customer pays a minimum deposit of 50%*;

– a written quote is sent to the customer, guaranteeing the price until delivery;

 – balance of payment is due on completion and before shipping.

 A position on the waiting list is only guaranteed, and the price is only guaranteed, once a firm order has been made.

* In exceptional circumstances (such as a unique instrument requiring extensive financial outlay during construction, or a customer who has broken a previous purchase agreement), a larger deposit, perhaps up to full payment, may be required.

 Trial of instruments

Instruments may be tried in person-

  – on a personal visit to the maker;

– on visits by the maker to other cities and countries . Instruments are not currently sold through retailers.

It is not normally practical to send instruments to prospective customers for trial, and instruments are not available for rental.

 Prices and payment

 Prices are quoted, and payments are to be made, in £ Sterling . It is not possible to guarantee prices in any other currency. The prices do not include shipping, taxes, duties or Customs fees. A non-binding estimate of shipping costs will be made at the time of receiving a firm order. Unless protected by a written quote for a firm order, prices are subject to change. Payment is requested by electronic bank transfer (account details will be supplied when a quotation is mailed), by international money order, postal order or bank draft, . No discounts are offered, either for multiple instrument orders by one customer, or based on a customer’s professional status.


 Delivery time varies according to the instrument and the time of year, and is discussed in conjunction with a specific order.


 Warranty is limited to defects mutually agreed and readily apparent at the time of purchase, and is for a period of one year from delivery. . The maker will not be financially responsible for repairs or adjustments made by other technicians.

 While instruments will be tuned and voiced as accurately as possible, it is understood that

(1) unavoidable compromises in wind instrument design make perfect intonation on every single note impossible to achieve, and

(2) variations in mouthpieces, playing technique and local conditions may result in differences in performance when the same instrument is played by the customer and by the maker. It is understood that while a custom instrument maker will exert his/her maximum efforts to supply instruments which satisfy customers’ requirements and which are equal or superior to those offered by major manufacturers at similar prices, no guarantee can be made of absolute perfection.


 If an order is cancelled by the customer before construction work is begun, up to 10% of the total price may be retained from the deposit to cover time spent on administration and communication.

 If an order is cancelled by the customer after significant construction has started, up to the entire deposit may be retained. In each of the above cases, currency exchange fees and other banking fees will be deducted from the refund.

If an order is cancelled by the maker (which would only be due to unavoidable practical reasons), the full deposit will be returned to the customer.

 If a customer wishes to return an instrument after delivery and after payment in full, there is no guarantee that this will be possible. If the return is accepted, a refund will only be made after the instrument has been sold to another customer, and the refund will be limited to the price paid by the new customer, minus all expenses incurred.

Placement of a firm order and payment of a deposit implies full acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

About pollardtrumpets

With 46 years working in the music industry worldwide, his knowledge and experience stocks a comprehensive music store, the one stop shop for instrument advice, repairs, new and second-hand sales. Peter's apprenticeships with some of the world's leading craftsmen in Britain, the United States and Canada, have given him a thorough working knowledge of acoustical engineering and instrumental design creating a unique understanding of the instrumental needs of wind musicians. No longer will instrumental connoisseurs have to go to London when choosing and maintaining an instrument, when all their needs can be met in Manchester. A true Artisan, Peter has been fine tuning brass and woodwind instruments for musicians of the leading ensembles and institutions for many years, the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Northern College of Music and Leeds College of Music and passing on his expertise in instrumental academy seminars in Scandinavia and Europe. A UK Brass specialist, Peter's skills have led to a growing demand for his custom range of brass design and parts, trumpets, flugels, cornets, bespoke lead pipes, bells, cork parts and mouthpieces. An exponent of 5 Star spa treatments for trumpets, a Pollard MOT involves deep freeze Cryogenic resonance restoration, ultrasonic cleaning, valve alignment and the application of his own patented valve oil 'Superfly' with a unique cleaning agent to ensure agile acrobatics when playing. 'Superfly' has now been licensed for distribution in the United States and Europe. Peter is the figure driving the sponsorship masterclasses and live music at Band on the Wall attracting stars such as Bobby Shew, Snake Davis, Ian Bousfield, Jigs Wigwam and Peter King, the Comedy Store, Liverpool's the Cavern Club and the Hallé, breath of fresh air for the region's live-music industry
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