2 Responses to Legendary Manchester music venue Band on the Wall has set the stage for its reopening in September !

  1. Stefan says:

    Great article, thanks very much for publishing it. One amendment: Bjork was not in Purkurr Pillnikk. A couple of Sugarcubes were (Einar Orn and Bragi), but not Bjork.

  2. wilf says:

    Hello, good to read about the Band ON the Wall I was only 10 years of age when A.Tyson was landlord but I remember Albert Mancini he drop dead going home from the B.on T.W. he lived in Juno Street at the time his wife Mary was a dressmaker my father inlaw was a market porter and was a waiter at the B.on T,W, he used to tell me Tyson would get them to fill empty bottles with mild beer and sell it to the Yanks during the 2nd W.W. as premium beer,when he left there he went to the Swan pub in crumpsall

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