THE MAN behind the best-known TV theme tune in the land “Coronation Street”


THE MAN behind the best-known TV theme tune in the land is possibly the most famous anonymous trumpet player in the world.

But not any more. For the trumpet solo that sparks kettles into action in time for Coronation Street is Wilmslow’s very own Dave Browning.

The 73-year-old brass musician, of Rotherwood Road, recorded the theme tune to Britain’s best loved soap in 1964 and it still going strong forty years on.

He said: “They thought about up-dating it from time to time, but it’s always been decided to stay with the original that people know and love.”

The father-of-one was just 24-years-old when he was first approached to record the theme in 1960.

His reputation as a professional trumpet player had bought him to the attention of TV bosses at Granada who put him on the “first call” list.

He said: “If they wanted a trumpet player I was top of the list. I was part of the furniture at Granada for thirty years.”

From his privileged position, Dave has recorded some of the best known TV and radio themes, including The Archers, Opportunity Knocks with Hughie Green, New Faces and The Golden Shot.

“I have done well over 2,000 TV shows and 10,000 broadcasts,” he said. “Some people in the business call me the most famous anonymous player in the world.

“Most people say they just hear the band or they hear the orchestra but don’t know who it is.”

In a career spanning 50 years, the former music professor has held teaching posts at Salford University and the Paul McCartney fame academy in Liverpool.

He has also played alongside some of the world’s greatest musicians, including Paul and Linda McCartney, Andy Williams, Elma Bernstein, Tony Bennett and Henry Mancicni to name but a few.

But Dave remains down to earth about the achievements he’s chalked up over the years.

“It is the only thing I am any good at and the only thing I wanted to do. The business has changed a bit but they always do.”

And as for his wife Iris and daughter Julie, he said: “I’m sure they are quietly quite proud of me but they wouldn’t admit it in a million years.”

Trumpeter Dave blows the lid on famous career

Katrina McKeever
19/ 8/2004
Wlimslow Express

Instruments: Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel Horn, Piccolo Trumpet, Piano

Biography: Former BBC Northern Dance Orchestra, BBC MRO, BBC SRO, Syd Lawrence Orchestra, Joe Loss Orchestra, John Dankworth Band, Maynard Ferguson Band, ABC TV Orchestra, Hallle, John Patrick ATV Orchestra and West End theatres

MU Jazz Section: Yes. MU branch: Manchester.

Over the 40 years I have been in business in Manchester,I have met Dave quite a few times. It would be good to know how he is these days?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to hear Dave & jiggs wigham on the same set?

About pollardtrumpets

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2 Responses to THE MAN behind the best-known TV theme tune in the land “Coronation Street”

    New Coronation Street titles from Monday May 31st. What do you think?
    By shinychrison May 27, 2010 Comments (28)
    I guess most Corrie fans, myself included, are wary of change and suspcious when words like ‘modern’ and ‘lively’ are used to describe new title shots. So I think it’s fair to say that these new title shots are going to take some getting used to.

    I thought they might have ‘modernised’ the music too – given it a bit of a drumbeat perhaps like some of the Coronation Street variations on YouTube. But if anything the music sounds a litttle more old fashioned with more of a ‘swing’ feel.

    But I’m not sure about these titles – yet. I can see what they’re trying to do with bustling scenes of Manchester rather than the all too cosy cobbles, but it all seemed a little, well, blurry and disjointed. At first I didn’t even realise it was Manchester – it felt more like London’s Piccadilly Circus.

    Anyway this is what Coronation Street’s executive producer Kieran Roberts has to say:

    “In our new titles Coronation Street remains the star but we see it as part of a busy, modern Manchester through our opening shots. The overall feel is livelier, more intimate and more colourful and they look stunning, especially in high definition. We think the new titles have a classy, classic, timeless quality but at the same time feel vibrant, fresh and very contemporary. That combination is exactly what we strive for in the show itself.”

    You can see the new opening titles here.

    And you can have your say on Corrie’s Facebook page here.

    Certainly the Facebook feedback so far doesn’t seem to be that great.

    Says Nicole Sowter: “NOOOOO, its RUBBISH, sack the person that did this, I cant focus on it at all…. everything is blured it the back ground, can you imagine your faithful older viewers when you run this… they will be grabbing their reading glasses. You can’t see the cobbles just some blooming flowers and a post box!!!! and as for the opening scene a blurred taxi …”

    Adds Patricia Hallard: “The cat is ok but its not the BLACK cat? Not sure about the blurriness?. I’ve been watching since the first episode and dont mind change but would like it to be clearer and not a shot of the flowers at the end of the street outside the shop a more definite picture of the new manchester would have been better! Lol missed the yellow T shirt as well.”

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